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 Freshness and simplicity

At Gardela, we are an Italian-Argentine restaurant passionate about providing exceptional culinary experiences in the heart of two privileged locations: Roma Norte and Bosques, in Mexico.


We are proud to be recognized for having the best juicy, prime quality, Dry Aged and Wet Aged cuts of meat that delight our diners with their incomparable flavor and tenderness. But at Gardela, our proposal goes beyond meat cuts, we also stand out for our exquisite pastas and salads, made with authentic ingredients and traditional techniques.


In addition, we offer a selection of international gastronomy dishes that captivate the most demanding palates.

Our cocktail nights are another of our culinary gems. We recommend pairing our delicious seafood with our exclusive and creative cocktails, carefully prepared by our talented mixologists. Each sip is a sensory experience that perfectly complements our dishes. At Gardela, we believe in the importance of creating a cozy and sophisticated environment where our clients can enjoy a memorable gastronomic experience. Our impeccable service and passion for cooking sets us apart.


Come and discover why Gardela is recognized for its cuts of meat, fish, and seafood with authentic flavors and unforgettable cocktail nights. We await you with open arms to offer you a unique fusion of flavors, in a place where culinary excellence and warmth meet.

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